Roulette strategy of Martingala

Roulette is probably the most famous board game in the world and also the most played one. Its mechanism is enough and, in a nutshell, We must predict the number on which the ball launched by the dealer will stopnull Obviously the dream of all players is to find the right method to be able to win without efforts to roulette. In this guide we will talk to you about the system Martingala Roulette, its main features, as it works, the strong points and also the defects of which you must absolutely take into account when you start playing.

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First, however, it is necessary to make a premise that we consider essential. The Martingala method roulette, as well as the other systems born to help the player at the green table are not surenull In fact, no one can guarantee that thanks to this system you will get a profitnull Martingala Roulette is a luck game that, as you can understand, is uncontrollable and above all unpredictable.

The Martingala system, in fact, only serves to optimal budget management, so that you can aim to obtain a profit at the end of a series. We tell you this first of all to avoid a misunderstanding that leads you to believe that by applying this method you can get guaranteed winningsnull Secondly, then, you must know that there is no safe method to play roulette thus avoiding spending money possibly to buy guides or secrets that you find on the web. In fact, these are only potential scams and that they will only take you to money.

Which roulette to choose?

If you are new in the world of roulette and you want to apply the Martingala system, you must know that there are different types of more popular and widespread roulette are:

French roulette: It is considered the typical roulette. There are 37 slots in total on the wheel ranging from 0 to 37. The 0 is green in color and does not fall within the secondary episodes, but you can only focus on the fact that 0. 0. About the only toll -free number on the slot , know that when you come out and you have focused on one of the secondary bets, the rules of EN Prison applies. In a nutshell, you will not lose, but your episode will remain on the table and will also be worth the next lap.

Europeann: It is very similar to the French version even if it differs in the fact that bets on the green table is in English. The other big difference concerns the rule when the 0 comes out. Compared to the French, where the en prison is present, in the English version, instead there is partage. That is, if the 0 comes out, the secondary episodes are divided halfway between the bench and playersnull That is, if you have pointed 10 euros and the 0 comes out, half, that is, 5 will return to you.

American version: This is different from the other two for a particular reason. You must know, in fact, that in addition to the number 0, There is also 00null The latter, in fact, follows the same identical rules of 0 and therefore when it comes out, all secondary bets will be lost. In addition, there are not even the rules en prison and start them.

Be careful because not all online casino Or the traditional ones provide the rule of the partage or en prison, and therefore always check whether it is available or not.

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How the Martingala system works

We start our speech on one of the most popular systems known in the casino sector. It is applicable to several games, even if in this case we will see it in relation to the roulette. It can be used for both traditional and online casinos therefore, from this point of view there is no problem. Remember, however, to always choose online casino that are equipped with authorization and therefore are safe from every point of view.

When we talk about this method, the expression system of doubling is also used, this is because when you lose it you have to double the episode. To apply the Martingala method you have to choose episodes in which almost 50% of the possibility of guessing the exact resultnull Here are what are:

  • Red-black: This is certainly the best known episode in Martingala Roulette. It predicts if the ball will stop on a red or black number. Obviously we do not reach the precise percentage of 50%, because there is always the 0 to be considered, which is green in color and as mentioned even before in any case it does not fall into secondary bets. The win is equal to the episode, so if you bet 10 euros you get 20, including the initial episode.
  • Even odd: In this case too it is an episode simple enough to understand. You can focus on the fact that the next number is among the peers or odd ones. The number 0 does not fall within this particular type. The win is equal to the episode.
  • 1-18/19-36: same speech of the two previous episodes. The 0, of course, does not fall into this category and the win is equal to the sum.

The mechanism behind the Martingala system

Applying this system is not difficult. Once a episode unit is established, you must understand which episode you want to bet on. Then choose the favorite and pointed outcome. If I had to win, he always focuses a unit on the opposite outcome. If, on the other hand, you lose, it still focuses but doubles the unity of the episodenull Isn’t everything perfectly clear to you? Then let’s take an example.

Let’s assume that you decide to aim for French roulette and in particular 10 euros on red. The possible results are two indeed three, also considering the possibility that the number 0 comes out.

  • Goes out lo zero: if the French roulette you are playing on provides for the “en prision” rules then your episode will remain imprisoned for a turn.
  • Number Rosso: you won and then get a win of 20 euros in total, including the initial episode. So you will have obtained a net profit of 10 euros. Now you have to continue to always aim 10 euros but on the black color.
  • Goes out il Number Nero: You have lost and therefore you have to continue to focus on the red color but by doubling the extent of the episode, and therefore 20 euros. And you will have to do this even if you lose again, and therefore the episode would become 40 euros, then 80, 160 and so on until you win.

Does the Martingala method really work?

Here is a question to which it is difficult to give a certain answer also because as often happens, the Martingala system provides for potential but also problems. But everything depends on how much luck you have and the Lady Luck It is always unpredictable.

We make three series examples made up of five episodes each to better understand the cases during the game in Martingala Roulette. In all cases we will start with an episode of 10 euros.

First series with the Martingala system

1st shot: points 10 euros on red, but black comes out. You lost 10 euros.

2nd shot: points 20 euros on the red, but the black is still released. At the moment you have lost 30 euros.

3rd shot: points 40 euros again on red and these come out. You have won 80 euros and therefore you are ahead of 10 euros total.

4th shot: return to aim 10 euros, but this time on black, but it comes out again red. If in perfect draw.

5th shot: points 20 euros on black and a number of this color comes out. He won 40 euros and therefore your profit at the end of this mini series is 20 euros.

Second series with the Roulette doubles system

1st shot: points 10 euros on the red and a number of this color comes out. Win 20 euros and therefore the profit is 10 euros.

2nd shot: points again 10 euros even if this time on black. A black number comes out and therefore still win 20 euros, and therefore the total profit is currently 20 euros.

3rd shot: points again 10 euros, but on red. You won again 20 euros again. The profit is 30 euros at the moment.

4th shot: points always 10 euros on black but the red comes out, consequently you lose. Your profit up to now is 20 euros.

5th shot: points 20 euros still on black, but the red comes out. You have lost and close the mini series without profits or losses.

Third series with the Martingala Roulette method

1st shot: points 10 euros on the red but the black comes out. Lost 10 euros.

2nd shot: this time doubles and points 20 euros again on the red but the black comes out again. Lost 20 euros and the budget is negative since you are below 30 euros.

3rd shot: continue to follow the Martingala method and then double, this time, focusing 40 euros always on red. Unfortunately for you the black is still released and at the moment you lose 70 euros.

4th shot: points again on red even if this time you have to bet 80 euros. Nothing to do, you are unlucky and the opposite color is still coming out. You lose 150 euros in total.

5th shot: now you have to focus 160 euros always on red. If the black came out, you would go in negative of 310 euros, but for your luck, the red comes out. Win 320 euros, but in general your budget is on more 10 euros.

professionalbability of winning with the Martingala system

To make this reasoning, we base ourselves on a deliberately incorrect data, namely that in the roulette there is 50% of the possibility of predicting if the ball will stop on a red or black number. Obviously, that as you know and as we told you even before, in reality the percentage is slightly lower, or equal to 48.6%. However, for a matter of convenience we will say that it is 50% so as to simplify the reasoning on the calculation of the probability.

You must know, in fact, that the percentages on each lap are always the same, that is, 50% that comes out red or black (or in the same way even even or odd, or 1-18/19-36). The percentages, however, change, if we consider them in a series. For example, if we examine two launches, we can say that the probability that the first color is red is 50%. The same percentage for the second launch, that is, there is 50% of possibilities that the number is red. But if we ask ourselves how much probability there are that both launches are red, then you must know that there are 25 possibilities out of one hundred, so 25%null And this percentage drops as launch increases.

What is this value for? To how you have understood the Martingala method makes you increase the episode when you lose precisely to make it possible to recover the money spent. It is actually dangerous but, as you play, and lose it, there are less and less possibilities that the negative series continues and only one guessed outcome is enough, to recover all the losses.

Here is a comfortable table that you will need to have clear what has been said so far.

Mass Episode Cumulative loss in case of a negative series professionalbability of rounded total loss (in %)
1 10 0 50
2 20 10 25
3 40 30 12,5
4 80 70 6,25
5 160 150 3,13
6 320 310 1,56
7 640 630 0,78
8 1280 1270 0,39
9 2560 2550 0,20
10 5120 5110 0,10
11 10240 10230 0,05
12 20480 20470 0,024

professionals and cons of the Martingala Roulette system

Now that you have also seen some examples, and above all conscious the percentages, we can focus on what are the advantages and disadvantages of this game system. Let’s start with its strengths.

Simplicity: If you choose to use Martingala, you won’t have to have particular knowledge, but only trust the method. Obviously choose a traditional casino or authorized online platform who, so as to be sure you are playing a reliable roulette.

Chance from win: According to some statistics it is the perfect system to give you winnings, albeit small, in the short and medium term. Of course, these are not certainties, and as we will see shortly, many risks also Ask us.

Disadvantages of Martingala Roulette

Be careful at this point because there are really important points to know. Otherwise you run the serious risk of having really high losses.

Risky method: as we have seen in the case of a negative series even not very long, you will have to double the episode from time to time and get to a high figure is really possible. That’s why you will have to have a budget at your disposal that allows you to continue playing. Otherwise, you risk having a negative series and no longer have money to continue with the Martingala method.

Watch out to the limit of the table: several online casino, but also traditional, have minimal but also maximum episode limits. This can represent a nice problem especially if the limit is medium. Let’s take an example. We put the case that you started by aiming 10 euros at a table that has a maximum episode of 300 euros. It seems like a truly unattainable figure, but if you think about it, losing 5 times in a row you will find yourself having to aim 320 euros, and the next time you should point 640null In short, the Martingala method will be practically unusable and therefore it is definitely better not to start it.

The most popular variant of Martingala Roulette

As dreams important system, Martingala Roulette also has variantsnull For example, there is the Grand Martingala, which in addition to the doubling of the episode you must also add a betting unit. For example, if points 10 euros and lose, you will have to double the episode and add an additional unit, so in total you will have to point 30 euros. If you still lose you will have to double, and then get to 60 a unit, therefore 70 euros in total.

The most important vadent, however, precisely because it definitely distorts the method, is the anti martingala. From this point of view, however, there are different schools of thought. On the one hand, the anti martingala is applied to the episode, i.e. instead of doubled the episode in case of loss, doubles in case of winningnull This would allow to remedy the disadvantages that we have seen in the previous paragraph, even if in reality it would create longer losses over time and difficult to recover.

The other recognized anti martingala system acts on the type of episode and since very often it applies on red and black, it is also said sequence of colorsnull In practice, when you lose you have to double the episode, but focusing on the opposite color to the one you had aimed on.

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