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Here are the professional reviews of the professionals for Sisal Casino, one of the most famous betting brands in USA.

  • Founded in USA, in Milan, after the war
  • All American history
  • ADM certificate
  • Many methods of deposit and withdrawal
  • Excellent customer service open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Different apps for each game
  • Games of a few providers
  • Has no real no deposit bonus
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account

Sisal Casino online, also available in version App e Mobile, is one of the best known online casinos among American players and for this reason we decided to insert it on the list of Our Casino reviews.

This casino, owned by the American group of the same name that has expanded on the online games market after their success among American users, is Immediately noticed by fans and in a short time it became a point of reference.

In addition to this there is not much more to say to introduce Sisal Casino, since he also has many points of sale distributed on the national territory And it is practically Known, at least by hearsay, by all citizens.

Sisal Casino: professional Reviews

In this series of 4 reviews on Sisal Casino online, ours Top-Us-Casino experts They will speak of the four main points that you need to know when you decide to bet in a casino.

In fact you will find a review on reputation and reliability of Sisal Casino, one on Games and software available on their platform, one on Payments and bonuses of Sisal and, finally, a review on Customer Support Service offered by the company.

Reputation and reliability: a famous and reliable brand

In this first of the Sisal Casino online reviews I will go to talk about the reputation and reliability of this all -American brand. I will go to divide the review into two main paragraphs: the first will speak of the Sisal story, the second of thereliability and legal problems who had (or is having) the brand.

Let’s start immediately talking about the story of Sisal.

Storia del Brand Sisal

Sisal Casino is owned by the brand name sisal, very famous among Americans as they are born a Milan in 1945 from the idea of the sports journalist Massimo della Pergola. Of the pergola, together with the radiocronist Geo Molo and to the journalist and film producer Fabio Jegher, he made the first competition with predictions linked to the world of football.

For the foundation of Sport Italia S.r.l The three have put together 900 thousand lire as a corporate capital, and launched themselves in their project with the aim of reconstructing sport in USA after the war.

In the 1946, the year after the foundation of the Sisal brand, the SISAL SCHEIN which shortly after changes its name and takes that of Totocalcio.

Also 1948 is a year of innovations for Sisal that creates the First system of legal betting in USA, and calls him totip.

And then, in 1993, thanks to the new technologies on the market, Sisal moves to the computerized network Thanks to a new terminal called max 2000t.

Subsequently, in 1997, Sisal who now also has an online casino, creates and launches what is one of the most well -known products of the brand, namely the Superenalotto.

il 2004 Instead, it is a year of great changes for society. In fact, in addition toMatchpoint acquisition and his betting network, Sisal launches his online games and from here begins his ascent to What we know today as Sisal Casino Online.

The following year he began his adventure in the world of gaming machines and, In 2009, the campaign on the responsible game startednull Always in the same year he creates and spear Win for Life, that is, a game that allows you to secure a monthly winning that lasted over time.

Between 2010 and 2014 Sisal receives two important certifications relating to the responsible game, the first as European lottery and the second from World Lottery Association. But it doesn’t only stop at the certifications, in fact she launches Euroozakpot, Saipai This Vincasasa, In addition to renewing the identity and company vision from head to toe.

Two years later, or In 2016, the Superenalotto relaunches With new features and, in 2019, he expands in Morocco and Spain. In the same year in Sisal they decide that it is time to split the services offered in two separate companies, and thus the part of games and that of the services were born.

Not Sisal Group S.p.A. si divide in Sisal S.p.A. which manages the numerical games with a national totalizer, e Sisal Entertainment S.p.A. which operates in bets and games, such as Casino Sisal, Sisal Quick Games e Sisal Bingo.

In recent years he has also won prizes toEGR Awards, they Last 5 at the EGR USA Awards for best operator and socially responsible operator.

Reliability and legal problems

In this paragraph of Sisal reviews I will tell you about thereliability and possible legal problems that I encountered By doing some research on Sisal Casino online, as well as its certifications.

I can immediately tell you that Sisal Casino is reliable. He also collaborates with the state from which he is supported, and therefore we are far from the risk of scams or games that do not respect the regulations. But this is not the only reason that leads me to speak positively about the reliability of this brand.

Indeed, Sisal Casino online, also available in the app and mobile version, is a Casino certified by ADM (Customs agency and monopolies) and focused on the responsible game. But it also has many stores, easy to access, distributed in the area.

Obviously also Casino Sisal is equipped with RNG (Random Number Generator) nei giochii, and are certified by The (Gaming Laboratories International) NMI, two of the most important companies issued certifications in the world. Then, the documentation issued in relation to the checks carried out is reviewed and approved bywho.

These RNG serve to guarantee the absolute randomness of the gamesThat is, in the case of roulette, they guarantee absolute randomness in the cards distribution phase. Or, in the case of slot machines on Sisal Casino online, guarantee that the symbols that come out on the rollers are random.

As regards, however, thereliability in payments and transactions, relies both to SafeCharge that to all the security systems made available by the payments giants such as PayPal, Visa o Mastercard.

From the aspect of data protection, as written on their site, Sisal processes personal data in compliance with privacy and principles and regulations on personal data protection. It guarantees by way of example the minimization of data, the limitation of the conservation of them, and the use of data exclusively for the shared and agreed purposes, facilitating control over their personal data at any time.

To conclude I can therefore say that I have not detected No legal problem of Sisal Casino, but above all that it is an absolutely reliable online casino.

So, thanks to the guarantees given to users and high reliability, the Casino Sisal online platform deserves a nice 4 out of 5 as a final vote.

Rating: 4 stars

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Sisal Casino games and software: great partnership with Playtech

In this second among the Sisal Reviews I will go to talk about the professionalvider software and games present in the casino. Surely many of you will not wait to find out what is hiding within Sisal, also because this is one of the most dear topics to players.

But don’t worry, to make this review easier to consult it in 4 distinct parts: Available games and providers, user experience, Sisal Casino Mobile and Sisal App.

Available games and providers

In this first paragraph of my review on Sisal Casino I speak to you of the games and providers available on their platform.

On this online casino there are largest for the slots, board and cards gamesnull Each game has both more traditional variants than the most recent onesnull Most of the games on Sisal Casino Online are of Playtech, that It is then the company that developed everything For Sisal. Then there are also many games produced by NetEnt, come Blood Suckers e Dead or Alivenull Among the playtech games you absolutely must appoint the Saga are age of the Gods and other slots such as A Night Out e Age of Egypt.

Always talking about Slot Machines, Sisal Casino offers many. There are for all tastes, From those with technological or futurist theme to the classic theme ones like fruit in Fruit Shop.

At the level of Games with Live Dealer, on the other hand, Casino Sisal does not only offer the classics roulette e blackjack, but also other games like the Casino Hold’em and Baccarat. The developer of the live games is always Playtech, which recently opened one study focused in the production of games with live dealers in Latvia.

On the platform then they are also found Card and board gamesnull Also produced for the major from Netent a playtech, offer many variants to traditional games. There are Roulette, the Blackjacks, Casino Hold’em and Baccarat tablesnull Some of those we recommend to try are the Mega Fire Blaze Roulette o l’All Bets Blackjacknull Then there are also i American tradition card games, who passionate about our compatriots.

In short, on Sisal Casino online they can be found All possible and imaginable games, even if I have to say that The selection of providers software is not immense.

User experience on Sisal Casino

Now I am talking to you aboutUser experience on Casino Sisalnull This part of the Sisal Casino reviews is, in my opinion, very important. In fact, an online casino can have all the games that can be thought, but if the user experience is bad the players certainly prefer to choose another operator.

In the case of Sisal, however, there is no danger. Almost everything that is linked to the Sisal website was developed by Playtech, which then also produced most of the games on the casino. This made it possible to reach an excellent experience from the user, as bugs and problems are very limited.

The casino navigation, Thanks also to the very clear and intuitive menu, it turns out to be very simplenull In addition, a box was also designed from which to search for games, which makes searches much simpler. But if that’s not enough, Sisal has also chosen to divide all games into sub -categories to make searches even more.

The user experience, therefore, overall is very good.

Sisal Casino Mobile

Also Sisal Casino, as indeed the online casino of all operators nowadays, is Also available from Mobilenull It is in fact You can access Sisal Casino online from any browser It is playing as you would do as a desktop.

However, unfortunately, despite the fact that you can access the casino from mobile, The user experience is certainly not as a computer. In fact, the site is a lot slower in loading And graphics, being that it is adapted to a smaller screen, is not very intuitive.

Therefore, Rather than playing mobile on the browser, I recommend downloading one of the apps That we will see shortly or playing directly from desktop, as the experience of use is much better.

To conclude I must therefore say that The mobile version of the Sisal casino could be improved by the operator.

Sisal Casino App

Now let’s talk about what I mentioned in the previous chapter, or Sisal Casino Appnull Well yes, Sisal is also in step with the times and has made available to its users not one, but various applications suitable for use both with devices Android that iOS.

Sisal Casino apps are:

  • Sisal App Casino Live: allows you to participate in the games tables with Croupier or Live Dealer.
  • App Roulette: allows you to access French and American roulette.
  • Poker: to participate in poker tables.
  • Sisal App Casino e Slot: from this application you access oltre 600 slot machine And to various casino games.

There are then Others relating to the world of lotteries, but we are here to make reviews on Sisal Casino online and not on the part of the bet or lotter brand.

These apps can all be Download directly from the Sisal website And, of course, they are Optimized for the most used mobile devices. They have also been created using the most recent technologies and systems and systems, which makes them highly safe and reliable.

As for Sisal Casino App, therefore, we can do nothing but talk about it well. The only thing that I personally find a little boring is the fact, in case you want to access different games, having to download more than one app.

In conclusion of this second of the Sisal reviews, I can say that At the level of games and software it has many, but they are always developed by the same providersnull The user experience is very good, but I can’t say the same as mobile devices. Precisely for this reason my final vote is of 3 position.

Rating: 3 stars

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Payments and bonuses: excellent options for users

Here, in this third of the Sisal Reviews, I will tell you about payments and bonuses made available by the platform to the player. I will divide everything into two paragraphs: Payment methods and bonuses available on Sisal Casino Online.

Payment methods on Sisal Casino

The methods of payment and sampling permissions by Sisal, even by mobile, are many, and for the most part they are fast and simple to implement. Moreover, since Sisal uses the most famous payment systems, they are all safe and shared by large companies decidedly reliable.

Deposits, which occur immediately, can be carried out with credit or debit cards of the circuits Visa e MasterCard, ed e-wallet come PayPal, Skrill, Neteller e Skrill 1 lossnull But methods such as Cartasì, Paysafecard, Banco Posta, the classic bank transfer or even Sisal Pay.

As for instead The withdrawals from the account game, they can always be used All systems for withdrawals except Paysafecard, Skrill 1-Tap and CartaSinull Moreover, the samples do not take place quickly as for deposits, but They need some time to be actual. The E-wallet usually require 48 ore, BancoPosta between 4 and 5 working days, and come on 3 to 5 working days with Visa or Mastercard.

At the level of minimum and maximum charging values, At the Sisal store, it can be paid between $ 1 and 1000 $ per day. Con Credit or debt cards, Postepay, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal or BancoPosta can be paid between $ 10 and $ 1000, con bank transfer is not a minimum or maximum, and with paysafcard of paysafe Including sums can be paid between $ 10 and $ 999 every week.

In the case of payment by bank transfer, the weekly limit can be set in your account, but it’s up to the player to set the value.

The withdrawalsInstead, they have minimum and maximum values other than deposits. Il minimum He always stands, for any method of withdrawal, on 10$. It limits Massimo changes according to the method used: 999.99 $ to the point of sale, $ 3000 with Postepay, $ 5000 with Neteller, PayPal and Debt or Credit Cards, $ 10000 per day with Skrill, $ 30000 with bank transfer and $ 6000 maximum with postal domiciliation.

Therefore, At the level of payment and withdrawal systems offered, nothing is not lacking in Sisal Casinonull Which certainly pleases the players is the minimum amount of withdrawal. A 10 $ is among the lowest ones in the various online casino we reviewed.

Good offerti

In this part of the reviews on Casino Sisal, even mobile, I speak to you of Bonuses on the platformnull Going on their bonus page, they find it 8 differentnull However, being that we at Top-Us-Casino we mainly deal with casino games such as slots, cards, roulette and board games, I will talk to you purely about the bonuses concerning these sections.

The first Sisal bonus, also from Mobile, of which I want to talk to you about is that of Welcome to the slot machinesnull Own For slots, Sisal has studied a progressive bonusnull That is, the validation of the identity document used during the registration are received 5$ Come No deposit bonus and, subsequently, the 100% on the value of the first deposit carried out up to a Maximum of 1000 $ (with a minimum of 10 $ of deposit).

Obviously there are rules that establish who and how he can receive this welcome bonus and list the main ones below:

  • The promotion It only applies to online registration and through links, or using the QR code taken in the Sisal stores distributed in the area.
  • The bonuses come accredited only when identity has been validatednull It is validated by sending a valid identity document at the time of registration, or at the latest within the first 30 days.
  • The bonus is Accredited after the email that was used in the registration was validated.
  • The bonus is limited to a person per family unit, IP address, telephone, address and email, and can only be given once for each game account.
  • The first recharge must be carried out with one of these methods: Credit card and e-wallet such as Paypal or Skrill, Postepay, BancoPosta Online, Moneybookers, Neteller, Paysafe or in the shop, but never by bank transfer.
  • The bonus cannot be taken welcome. What can be taken are the winnings made with the bonus.
  • I bonus they are not disbursed To users who have the Suspended account, a warning for collusion or a warning for anomalous game.

il Sisal welcome bonus, Moreover, It can only be used on certain games, and for each of them it has a different validity. In the case of this bonus, it can be used on Casino, Quick Games and Slot Machines games. Are Roulette, hi-lo, baccarat, dice and wheels of luck can be spent 25%, while The remaining 75% can be used on all other games of the categories mentioned prima.

Then there is also Another welcome bonus, valid though On all games and with a different value. This second welcome bonus is, in fact, of the 50% on the first top -up up to a maximum of $ 50.

Also this second welcome bonus It requires compliance with some terms and conditions. But I’m not here to list them again as they are the same as those of the first bonus mentioned. The groups of games on which you can be used, and also the percentage that can be used on each game are, however, different. In this case only 10% of the bonus in each category of those that follow can be spent: Bingo, card games, scratch cards, poker, slots, lotto, various lotteries, quick games, virtual bets and sports betting.

il Third Welcome Bonus I want to talk to you about, or the Quick Games welcome bonus and casino, works with the same terms as the other two and offers the 10% on the first top -up with a maximum of $ 100null The bonus can be spent for a 25% con Baccarat, Roulette, Hi-Lo e Show Gamesnull The rest 75%, on the other hand, can be used on all other Quick Games.

In addition to these 3 bonuses, as mentioned earlier, 5 more can be found. But they are for other types of games that we do not deal with. One thing that is missing in Sisal Casino, however, is the real deposit bonus.

Many other operators, in fact, offer no deposit bonuses in free spins, as in the case of William Hill Bonus Without Deposit, or a certain cash value. In Sisal there is, in the welcome bonus, a prize of $ 5 at the registration, but the value is very low.

So, however much there are Many bonuses offered to players to registration, A real no deposit bonus is missing that leads me to give a low vote To this operator.

To close this review on payments and bonuses of Sisal Casino online and mobile I must say that, above all In payments and withdrawals, the operator surprised menull In fact, it offers many different methods, which without any doubt are among those most used by the players. The timing of the samples may be better, even if they are average with other online casinos.

About the bonuses of Sisal Casino App, Mobile and Desktop, instead, as I said above I can’t say that this operator offers a lotnull The no deposit bonus is missing and it is to be taken into consideration.

So, my vote for this penultimate of the Sisal Casino reviews is 4.

Rating: 4 stars

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Sisal Casino customer support: always active

In the latter of the Sisal reviews I speak to you, giving you my personal opinion, of Customer Support Service offered on this mess. I will explain to you the methods that can be used to the support, but I will also tell you about the response timing and times when the various services are operational.

I immediately tell you that in my opinion this customer support is one of the best that can be found in circulationnull Not for nothing recently Sisal also received an Award at Egr USA Awards as customer support.

Let’s start immediately from methods offered by the company to reach the Sisal Casino customer support service, both for apps and for those who sail from browser and mobile.

The methods offered are ben 4:

  • By phone to the toll -free number 800.999.445. The service is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There is talk directly with an operator.
  • Via Live Chat, always active from Monday to Sunday. We communicate with an operator.
  • By email at the address [email protected]null Even via email it is communicated directly with a customer support operator.
  • Taking Appointment at one of the Sisal centers distributed on the national territory, which are present in practically all cities.

In addition to these 4 methods, in case of problems on Sisal Casino Mobile or App, you can access the section FAQ of the site. Usually, however, unfortunately, from the FAQs You can solve the most common problems That present themselves to users, when the problems that have to face are more serious, it is always appropriate to customer support experts. And In the case of Sisal, experts are practically always available through the methods written above.

I also have to say that Usually companies try to hide the customer support s. Ma Sisal exposes them well in clear, even from mobile, Immediately above the footing menu. Which honestly It makes it clear how important for the company it is to be present and easily accessible for its users.

Having tested the various methods I can tell you that the one with which I found myself better was the Live Chatnull Perhaps more than anything else for the fact that another device must still be used, but The responses to my requests were excellent and above all of help. Even by phone the service is great, while by email requires a little more time to receive an answer.

Taking Appointment in the centers On the territory, however, it takes time. Usually This method is recommended for particular problems And therefore most likely you will never find yourself using it.

In the FAQ of Sisal Casino, even from Mobile, there are many answers, at least many more than those I could wait for me. Most questions can find answer in these pages, which among other things are very intuitive thanks to the menu on the left of the screen.

In conclusion I can therefore speak well of Sisal’s customer support. The operators are kind and their help is always effective, it is possible to request help at any time of the day or night, and the phone number is free. More than that, at the support level, Sisal could not do.

To close the latter of the reviews on Casino Sisal, mine vote on customer support is 5 out of 5!

Rating: 5 stars

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Information about Sisal

Company name Sisal Group S.p.A.
Registered office Milano
Foundation date 1945
American turnover (2020) $ 827 million (approximately)
AAMS license number 15155
Telephone number 800999445

Sisal Casino Details

Shabby limits:
Currencies accepted:

4,0 rating

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