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Here are the professional reviews of Snai, one of the most famous betting brands in USA.

  • It is one of the most loved brands by the Americans
  • It offers a vast selection of games and brands, perhaps one of the largest in USA
  • Offers an excellent user experience
  • Customer support is of excellent quality
  • You can physically take the money won in a Snai center in your city
  • The Snai brand is focused on sport rather than on casino games
  • It does not offer all payment methods like other casinos
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With Lattomatic, Snai It is one of the most famous and used betting brands in USAnull Precisely for this reason we decided to write these Snai Casino reviews on games such as cards, but also on other parts concerning the company.

Born in 1990 as the management company of horse racing systems and betting on horses, shortly afterwards he expands his business in sports betting of any kind. Finally, with the advent of online casino, Snai develops its site with all possible offers for a casino online games platform: Blackjack, roulette, various American board games, an infinite number of slot machines, poker, bingo and much more.

Maybe not everyone knows him like a casino but, Most of the Americans are clear in mind the Snai brand, especially for the infinity of stores present throughout the country, where sports bets of various kinds can be made.

However, Despite his great fame as a betting company, what are the professional reviews on Snai’s online casino? Will it live up to expectations? Let’s see the Snai reviews of our pros. This content is part of the series of Casino reviews.

Snai Casino: professional Reviews

Reputation and reliability of Snai Casino: one of the most loved brands by Americans, even if for sport

In this short review of the four Snai reviews, I will tell you about the reputation and reliability of the Snai casino. I divided the review into two very distinct paragraphs, the first relating to the history of the Snai brand, and the second on the reliability and the legal problems of the brand (provided that it has legal problems).

History of the Snai brand

Almost everyone knows Snai, They saw a Snai point somewhere or they heard about it. There is therefore no shadow of doubt that the Snai brand is one of the most solid in our countrynull However, it is a brand more than anything else focused on sports betting.

From a corporate point of view, the brand was born in 1990, under the management of the Snai Servizi Srl, as the management company of horse racing systems and betting on horses. In these years, moreover, Snai also had the task of designing and offering useful services to the various horse racing agencies in the areanull He began to manage a type of bet called “Tris”, and opened a television broadcast, visible in the agencies belonging to the group, of the horse racing using a network with microwave technology.

In 1995 Snai launched the new company logo, which is the muzzle of a horse designed in a stylized way, characterized by blue and green colors. Also in 1995, then, their transmission on racing was passed on a digital platform, becoming the first thematic channel at European level that uses this new technology.

Subsequently, In 1997, Snai acquired the Trenno S.p.A. and his Hippodromes of Montecatini and Milan, Entering the stock exchange in Milan with name “Snai”.

In 1998, with the World Cup in France, the company transformed its horse racing agencies into “Snai points”.

Then, in 1999, the company restructured in the Snai group, which expanded its business to all types of sports betting, not only the horse races, and the company was renamed Snaitech S.p.A. receiving the ISO 9001 certification in the same year.

At the dawn of the new millennium he manages to double the number of Snai points in the area. All time In 2000 the horse became famous Varenne And Snai, not missing this more unique than rare opportunity, becomes 50%co -owner. Starts a campaign to promote the image of the horse which then, as everyone knows, will become the stronger in the history of horse racing.

The following year Snai Lancia “Global Service Bingo Snai”null This service had been designed for the design, construction and management of Bingo salt, a new game just arrived on American soil.

Between 2002 and 2003, thanks to the victories in the Prix of Amerique in Varenne, the company becomes increasingly famous. From 2008 onwards, the Snai.it website began to offer games such as Skill Games, including Poker Texas Hold’em, for which Snai activates the PokerSnai.it website.

After that, in 2011, the Global Games Spa company acquired the majority share of Snai Spa. Snai then begins to also have videothelk inside the Snai points and, Online, launches Games casinos and allows you to play poker in cash mode.

The following year he introduces a new betting terminal (My.Self), online slot games and an app for mobile devices called “Snaisport” and, immediately afterwards, also launches “Sena Roulette”, another betting app through the new mobile devices released in recent years, tablets and smartphones.

And it is then since 2014 that Snai, thanks to the activation of your network of Videolotteries (VLT) consisting of 5,052 games, it also becomes famous for casino games.

After a tour of corporate acquisitions, in 2018 Snai was purchased by the Playtech, an English company that provides casino games. This makes it a company well connected in the international gaming industry, despite being a purely American brand.

To date, Snaitech is one of the main operators in the online casino games sector, e It manages approximately 38,600 slots and 10,600 videotaries.

According to the data of May 2023, Snai’s market shares about the online casino are 7.22%, making it The fourth most popular brand (After PokerStars with 14.17%, Sisal with 8.26%and 888 with 7.76%). However, SNAI holds 13.6% of online sports betting market shares, which makes it the second brand more popular, after Bet365 (source).

As a conclusion on the history of the Snai brand, therefore, there is nothing more to say in addition to the fact that it is a historical brand, well known in USA also thanks to its history in the world of horse racing, horses, and as a co -owner of the Famous Varenne horse.

Reliability and legal problems of Snai Casino

Now, in this part of the review I will tell you about reliability and possible legal problems associated with the Casino Snai brand that I have detected.

I start talking to you about the fact that Snai is a license dealer ADM (ex AAMS) who, whose security regulations to protect the data and privacy of its players applies. Also, with the use of latest generation technologies, The Snai casino game platform ensures complete transparency in the game sessions and the highest level of data protection and privacy of its users.

Also snai for all its games Use an RNG (Random Number Generator) which serves to guarantee, for example, for slot machines, roulette or card games, the total randomness of the games that come out. This RNG, of course, is also tested and certified by external organizations accredited by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM). These agencies are ultrasound and from IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudation Service), both recognized internationally.

Then, to offer further protection to the players, the Snai website uses one crittografia SSL a 128 bit, which makes transactions safe, and personal or banking information completely private and safe from possible unwanted attacks.

Therefore, Both AAMS and ECOographer certification license guarantee complete safety and fair play to all users of games on the Snai casino.

Instead, at the level of legal problems, I must say that I have not detected anything on Snai. It is a company that has always been characterized by how to ensure players a legal and responsible game environment, regulated and constantly monitored, to protect minors and weak bands compared to the problematic game. It is also part of the program drawn up by G4 (Global Gambling Guidance Group) on the responsible game, which tries to improve social responsibility in gambling, minimizing related damage, promoting a worldwide accreditation program.

In short, my conclusions, observing the company data, are that Snai is an extremely solid brand, one of the best known by the Americans, even if mainly for sport. It offers cutting -edge security systems to protect its players and to guarantee the randomness of the games. Precisely for these reasons I evaluate Snai Casino with full marks!

Rating: 5 stars

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Games and software on Snai Casino: Quality and quantity

In this second among the various Snai reviews I will tell you about games and software on the platform. I will divide the review into various parts: Available games and providers, user experience, mobile casino and Snai Casino apps.

The points touched by me in the next paragraphs are, without any doubt, among those that arouse greater interest by the readers of these reviews of casino, and also by the players.

Then let’s go immediately to see all the information relating to these points, which will help you decide whether the Snai casino is the one that’s right for you.

Games and providers available on Snai Casino

I start immediately saying that Snai is, in all likelihood, the casino with the largest number of software suppliersnull When this review is written, they have 30 suppliers; Other casinos have five or six. Among them we find the classics Playtech (which is the most important supplier, being also the company owner of Snaitech S.p.A.), Nettend, Igt, but also more niche, such as Tukopro, Capecod and Giocoonline, all three American brands (Snai has always supported Made in USA).

All the games present are characterized by a well -kept and engaging graphics, they have clear and detailed regulations, and also of a multitude of tools designed to guarantee an always safe gaming experience for the player.

But let’s see the various categories of games, and the games themselves like those of cards, available in Snai casino.

Casino Snai offers many live versions of the most famous games, Which means that you can play online with Croupier who manages everything live. The difference between “normal” and live games is that the last ones take place within a study set up specifically for this type of game. The players, therefore, virtually sit at the table and the game action is streamed on their screens. The game is not automated but managed by a royal croupier.

Among the various live games present you can find French roulette, high paper and low paper, baccarat, blackjack and many others. Of course, live games are also safe and guaranteed by the ADM certificate, issued by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. The only thing they differ from other games is that The outcome is not entrusted to the ARG (Random Generator Number) but, in these live games, the games are carried out and guaranteed in the same way as games in real casinos.

I can therefore say that the live section of the casino is really complete Since you can find roulette, blackjack and baccarat, but also other games such as seven and a half or Sicbo. Many tables have the Croupier who speaks American, while in others there are alone Dealer in English. Obviously this will not be a great problem, especially if the game is already known. You can also choose the tables based on the minimum episode, the number of people present at the virtual green table or according to the language.

Snai also has poker and videopoker games in all its variants. Some examples of videopoker that can be found on the platform are Aces & Faces, All American e Deuce Wildnull Changing the type of poker also changes the graphic layout of the game, which makes Snai even more attractive and attractive in the eyes of the players. Moreover, this online casino also offers thePoker game option without aiming for money, which makes it excellent for those who are a beginner.

In addition to those previously mentioned, there are also Snai card games. On the site, in fact, there is an entire section dedicated to the cards. In this section you can find Many versions of the classic blackjack such as, for example, 21 duel, classic or surrender. In Snai Casino card games there is also the inevitable Baccarat (both in classic and live version) and the Red Dog, Which is a fairly particular game in which two cards are put on the table. We must go to focus on the fact that the value of the third card that comes out is understood or not between the value of the first two outputs. Then there is also a Snai card game that can never be missing on a respectable casino. The Texas Hold’Em, Texan style poker that has bewitched USA and the whole world since the early years of the new millennium.

Another category present is that of the skill games. In this category I am mandatory to mention the game Penalty shootout, who immerses the players in the World Cup final, the Bonus Bowling, various wheels of luck, the Pinball Roulette (a sort of hybrid between flipper and roulette), and the Hold’em shutdown.

The last section of the Snai casino I am talking about is dedicated to A Roulette onlinenull There are the most famous and important versions of this game, which, among other things, is of American origin. The most Famous versions of Roulette present are the French one, the mini, 3D and the American one.

With a simple computer click, the wheel turns and the ball starts to turn in the roulette.

Snai, moreover, is one of the American online casinos with multiple games ever, including those of cards. It offers a truly huge selection of roulette, blackjack, slots, American card games, live casino, and much more. Their selection of More than a thousand slot machines It can be easily sailed through a very comfortable search engine, thanks to which you can filter games for functionality, volatility, mobile optimization, manufacturer, category, and whoever has more.

Concluding, I can say with absolute certainty that Snai Casino is super suppliednull His games can satisfy any request and need. In addition, it also offers games not always present in other online casinos.

User experience on Casino Snai

From a point of view of user experience, Snai is definitely good, nothing particular to object, nor too important bugs to report.

Using the Snai Casino website is a lot simple and intuitivenull The sections of the site are clearly visible and organized soberly, but at the same time captivating, and is easy to navigate even for those players who do not have much experience in this type of platform.

The most popular games used by users are always displayed first, to make them easily accessible. In the desktop version of the site, on the left, there is a practical column that acts a little from navigation menu, where various games are also shown.

The main page, with a pleasant and easy to understand graphics, is created by Playtech. All information is well arranged and easy to consult.

The Snai casino also has a mobile version, which seems to be even more practical and intuitive than the version that can be used by computer.

To play the casino e to card games From mobile devices, you can download the comfortable Snai app directly from the official website. You can also do it by quickly frame the QR code and the download process will begin.

SNAI Mobile Casino

The playability, even from mobile, is really excellent And it allows you to aim for any game you want without running the risk that something goes wrong.

Despite Snai, however, advice to download one of the apps made available, and that we will see in the next paragraph, you can also play quietly as browsers on your smartphone or tablet also at card games. Indeed, The site is optimized for all mobile devices and for all operating systems and, however much it may be more difficult to navigate on a small screen, It works optimally and remains very intuitive.

App Snai Casino

Now I want to talk to you about the Snai app, or rather, the Snai apps. They are all optimized for any mobile device and for iOS and Android operating systems.

Yes, you read that right, I wrote that there are various. Indeed, Snai has chosen to create more than one application for mobile devices, which can be downloaded directly from the site. The ones that interest us, being that we are talking about casino, are:

  • The App Live Casino: Designed for, in fact, the live casino games on Snai and card games.
  • Blue Casino App: Developed for slot, roulette and blackjack.
  • l’App Slot: The name already suggests what it can help. There are more than 800 games on this application, all optimized for mobile devices.
  • Games app: Developed for broom, briscola, tresette, burraco and American poker.
  • App 7 e ½: This too, like the app, leaves no room for misunderstandings. It was created exclusively for the 7 and ½ card game on Snai Casino.
  • App Blackjack: Obviously developed for the famous card game, it is also available for games in “for Fun” mode.
  • The App Punto and Banco: This app is exclusive for the game of the point and counter, also known as Baccarat.
  • App Roulette: Dedicated to roulette, this application is easy to use and well developed for various mobile devices.

Therefore, on the functioning of the Snai Casino apps, I can only talk about it in a positive way. However, I must also say that, in my opinion, having to download an application for each type of game can be quite boring, As well as heavy at the file level for a mobile device such as a smartphone.

Therefore, From a game point of view including the cards, I can say that I am very satisfied and the Snai review can only be positive. The only thing that leaves me a little perplexed, as mentioned a little while ago, is the number of apps that must be downloaded if you want to participate in different types of games.

Precisely for this reason I don’t feel like giving the best votes in this review on Snai.

Rating: 4 stars

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Payments and bonuses: you can take the winnings physically in Snai centers, but e-wallets are missing

This is the third of the Snai Casino mini reviews that we at Top-Us-Casino have decided to do for our readers. Here I will tell you about the payment methods, withdrawal, and bonuses on the platform the moment I am writing it.

Payment methods in Casino Snai

As for payments, Snai is averagenull It offers 8 different systems for both sampling and deposit, which are then the main ones, such as credit or debt cards of the Visa and Mastercard circuits, bank transfer, Postepay, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, and also Snip, ma Some e-wallets such as Paysafecard is missing.

The minimum deposit for certain payments is $ 15, slightly higher than the usual $ 10 in the other casino. Another thing I noticed is that The deposit takes some time to be visible in the account, sometimes even a few minutes, which could be unpleasant for those who want to play immediately. By bank transfer, however, serve by 2 to 7 days of time to see the money deposited appear on the game account. Anyway, Payments and withdrawals are always relatively fast and decidedly safe.

To appreciate, then, there is another really interesting factor that pushes many players to choose this platform compared to the others. In fact, it is possible to withdraw your winnings also in one of the many betting centers on the national territorynull This is a small revolution in this area.

For example, imagine having achieved a nice win and wanting to see your success. You will have to request the withdrawal and wait a few days that arrive on the account. If maybe you have an e-wallet you must then take another step on your account and then finally go to take in an automatic counter. Thanks to this possibility, however, Snai will release you a voucher that you will have to deliver to the betting center, which will pay you your cash win on the moment.

Bonus available on Snai Casino

To make your experience inside the online casino even more exciting and convenient, Snai rewards you with interesting bonuses and ever new promotions thanks to which you can increase the value of your winnings or, on the contrary, see you refunded. If you want to discover all the available bonuses and deepen the conditions of validity of the offers, you can consult the appropriate section of the portal.

Meanwhile, however, here I will briefly tell you about the Most important bonuses offered to players on Snai.

I start by telling you that the main bonuses are 2, the No deposit bonus and the Welcome bonus. The first, as you can also understand from the name, does not require a deposit to be released to the player. The second, however, needs a first deposit made following certain methods. But let’s see them individually more in detail:

  • No deposit bonus: This 10 euro bonus is valid for Snai casino games. To access this promotion, a valid identity document must be sent, and the bonus is subsequently paid within 5 working days following the validation of the document.

This bonus is a bonus “Fun”, which means that in order to be transformed into a cash bonus, the episodes must undergo certain requirements. The requirements are: it must be played for a minimum of 10 times in the 24 hours following delivery, the games on the platform do not contribute in the same way to the release of the bonus, whenever you want to use it must be specified during the access phase to game.

  • Welcome bonus: The welcome bonus is nominal and available to the player only once. This bonus, available after registering and having sent your identity document, gives Up to 100% of the first deposit, up to a maximum of $ 100.

By concluding this short review on payments, withdrawals and bonuses available on Snai casino, I can say that It does not deserve maximum votes.

Some payment and withdrawal systems are missing That usually, especially nowadays, are available on other online casinos and probably indispensable for some players. But, even at the bonus level, Snai is not very surprising. Other competitors offer many more options, which, among other things, are also easier to obtain.

However, they always remain “free” bonuses that can help the player to try the various games without having to immediately put money back on their own pocket. So, overall, for me Snai deserves 4 as a vote relating to the points I have touched.

Rating: 4 stars

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Customer support: good and useful

Here I will tell you about the systems of the Snai Casino customer support. There are various, even if not everyone always manages to make up for the customer’s needs. Snai’s customer support, talking about it in general, is of medium quality.

You can find all the s at the bottom right, in the “Contact us” section. From there, you can choose to call the toll -free number, open every day from 8 in the morning to midnight, So a decidedly good time, better than many other brands.

Another method is the classic email, or a comfortable live chat. I tested three operators for three different problems, and they were all quite kind and useful. The only negative side was a little waiting, and it took some time to solve the problem.

There is also the possibility of consulting the section of frequent questions (FAQ) which often manages to solve the basic problems that can be presented by taking advantage of the game platform. However, it is also to be said that for more complex problems, or that they need the assistance of an operator, it is always better to customer service directly through one of the methods indicated above.

So, to conclude this review on Snai, I can say that the company It should make improvements to the customer support service. As mentioned earlier, it often happens that the response timing by the operators are not short. This, especially in the case of important problems, could create even more problems for the player who, therefore, the next time that wants to play some casino game could go to the site of some other operator.

Said this, For me, the Snai Casino customer support service does not deserve a very low vote in these reviews, but not the best. I therefore evaluate it with a score of 4 out of 5.

Rating: 4 stars

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Information about Snai

Company name Spaquet
Registered office Titre
Foundation date 1990
American turnover (2019) $ 879 million (approximately)
AAMS license number 15215
Telephone number 800 050 140
Email [email protected]

4,5 rating

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