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In this guide we will see in detail how the slot machines of the bars work, or those games that you can easily find in different places in the city. In the subsequent paragraphs, then we will also focus on how the slot machines work, this time in their online versionnull This guide will also serve you to understand any differences and find the game that best suits your needs.

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Bar casino slot: what do you know?

The slot game came about in 1887 (at least the first arrived until us). It is a very simple three -roller mechanical machine, invented by Charles Feynull Her name is Liberty Bell, also because dedicated to famous bell, now an American symbol, which is located in Philadelphia. Over the years, then, several innovations have arrived. Less than a hundred years later, in fact, the Bally Technologies introduced the first electromechanical slot machine, therefore connected to electric energy, but capable of delivering much higher winnings.

Only in 1986, then, does the novelty that will revolutionize not only the world of bar slot machines, but also that of the entire Gambling sector, or the introduction of the microchip by IGTnull What does the microchip mean? It means an absolute novelty that will make traditional slot machines a sort of video games.

Of course, the more the years pass and the more bar games are acquiring the same characteristics as online games both from the point of view of graphics and of playabilitynull Consider, then, that if you want to play in USA at slot machines, you have to choose the legal ones and therefore authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. These slots, by law, must all be connected to the Internet. In this way, The American body can verify all types of anomaly and safeguard American players at any time from any scams.

RTP and RNG: Here’s how bar slot machines work and online

If you are a new player who overlooks the casino for the first time or if you are a user with several years of experience, Know that when you play the slot machines very little changesnull In general, the slot machines have no particular rules to know and follow even if, to be honest, you should know two really important terms to understand how the slot machine terrestrial and online, and know that this knowledge could also come in handy to increase your possibilities of victory. Here are the three factors to always take into consideration.


The Random Number Generator, which in American means generator of random numbers, It is one of the terms you always need to know when you approach this worldnull It is, in fact, the only existing system so that your chances of victory, Just as those of the other players are always respected.

To understand how slot machines work you must know that it is an algorithm that serves to guarantee all users that the combinations are always random. What does it mean? That no one can in any way make up the game and make you lose about it. This is obviously what all the players of online casino and traditional American casino players are hiddennull By now, thanks to the advent of new technology, Even terrestrial games that work with a microchip are equipped with an algorithm that guarantees absolute causality.

If the presence of an RNG seems to be a discounted fact for a casino, you must know that it is not always the case. In different casinos, in fact, Nobody can ever make sure that this algorithm is present, and that above all it is reliablenull In the Authorized online casino by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, or the body in charge of USA at a distance game and the release of the authorizations for the platforms, these must follow a series of rules, including the presence of an RNG. Furthermore, The algorithm must also be tested by third parties and there is a need for the guarantee that no one can ever intrude into the system and alter the functioning of the algorithm in his favor or to your unfavorable. In some cases, in fact, when you do not choose a legal casino in USA, that is, not authorized by ADM, you could also run the risk of playing made -made slot machines.


This acronym for three letters indicates the Return to player, or the sum of money that ends up in the prize pool and the one that ends the dealer insteadnull In a nutshell, when you play 100 euros in an online slot machine, part of this money ends up in the virtual slot of the slot and a part instead to the game platform. You will understand by yourself that the greater the figure that ends of the prize pool, the higher the chances of obtaining a winnull Each online slot machine must have this public value and therefore you should not encounter difficulties in finding it. Usually, at least as regards games or legal in USA and therefore with ADM license, the average value is between 94 and 96%. This means that if you play 100 euros, a sum between 94 and 96 euros ends in the prize pool And then he returns to the availability of the players and only 6 or 4 euros come to the dealer. Then there are games that have a lower RTP value and some in which up to 98%, for example in Blood Suckers.

Beware of another aspect in which the slot players come across. That is, they believe that slot should pay 98% of what they playnull In reality, technically it is also like that, but the fact is that they don’t have to pay for those who play that money, but they can do it in an inaccurate spannull The important thing is that sooner or later they return to the players the established percentage of RTP. Obviously the device can do it both in the form of many small winnings, and with a single maxi win, and this will certainly make some players happy.


Here is another aspect to pay great attention, since it can affect your gaming experience, and therefore it is better to know it before. This is the index that will serve to understand the frequency of the victories, and the amount of the prizes. There are three volatility indexes to know: medium, other and lownull The high one indicates that the slot machine does not have a great action, namely that there are no frequent winning combinations, But that at the same time when there are prizes, they will be quite highnull The average volatility, on the contrary, provides that there is a lot of action and therefore many winning combinations, even the prizes are sometimes very low. The average one is simply a middle ground between high and low.

If you are wondering what this value is for, you must know that it has a certain importance. For example, if you are more interested in playing and having fun in the slot, perhaps winning some prize which, however, will not change your life, then you should choose games with low volatility. On the contrary, if you are not afraid to wait a lot of turns for a win, but points to the highest one, then there is no doubt: The high volatility slots are the ones they do to your case.

How online slot machines work

Let’s now see the online slot machines, become one of the most popular online casino games in the sector. Among their strengths there are certainly the speed of play, ease and very beautiful and attractive themes.

Obviously we will not focus on the technical and graphic part of how slot machines work, given that there is the important work of technicians, IT programmers and experts in the sector behind. What interests us in this field, however, is to understand how the combinations are created and what guarantees us that everything works in the right direction.

When someone is looking for reliable information on how the slot machines work at the online casino, we can say that one of the reasons behind this search is the will to find systems to win. Unfortunately we must stop your research immediately because, as we will see shortly there is no system to win at online slot machines.

Online slot: how do you play?

The mechanism behind the virtual slot machines is identical to those of the classic bar slot machines. The only difference is that everything takes place from a screen, whether it is that of the PC of the house or the smartphone.

The goal is to be able to bring home the major prize and therefore the highest combination. To succeed, the first step is certainly to know the functioning of the slot machines in the game in which you are aiming, then you will have to dedicate the value of the token. To do this, it may also be necessary to know the number of winning lines present in the slotnull In short, if someone is not used to the online slot machines, there are some factors that could take it off guard, and this is why in this guide we thought of clarifying all the most important points. So here are:

  • Episode line: indicates the number of lines on which it is possible to put together various winning combinations. Each slot, based on its number of rollers and lines, can have a different number. The simplest payment lines are the horizontal ones on each single line of the slot, while the most particular are always horizontally but see the participation of multiple lines simultaneously.
  • AutoSpin: This mode will give you the opportunity to establish a number of turns to make the slot automatically. You only golden to set the main episode and then hope that the best combination will come out.
  • Turbo: You will need to speed up the rollers and then make the games last less.

How is maximum security guaranteed?

This is one of the most frequent questions of the players. Now we have seen how casino slot machines work but it is also right to ask how to ensure that everything is really regular. You must know, first of all, that when we talk about RTP and RNG in the Norma and reliable, we refer to games that are found in the online casino Adm (ex AAMS)null And this is already a good starting point. Secondly, then, you must consider that all games, and as we have also seen the classic terrestrial ones, are connected to the ADM system, And therefore if there is any anomaly, it is immediately found.

How online slot machines work: VLT, bar and 3D

The functioning of slot machines, both classic and the latest generation ones is practically the same. All you have to do is establish the episode and then make the rollers turn, albeit virtually. In each game, then, there will always be a reliable algorithm to refer to and an RTP that can be known before each game. Obviously, each type of slot machine has its main characteristics. But if you want to know more about each of them, here are some quick but useful news for you on its main features:

Classic slots: They are the simplest ones at the operating level between the slot machines, which include only three rollers and therefore nine symbols in everything. The settings are also limited, and there are no particular symbols. Mostly they are the symbols related to French cards, the 7, the bells or those of the world of fruit, if we talk about Fruit Machine.

VLT: They are connected to the Internet like the others, but you can choose between multiple games. They have very high jackpots.

Latest generation slot: These are the most popular because they manage to combine the simplicity of the classic slots with three rollers, to the fact that they are larger and fascinating. They have several themes and settings to choose from such as horror, ancient Egypt (among the most famous find me Book of Dead) or more. There are also those who take inspiration or are clearly connected to famous films or TV series, such as The Avengers.


We have reached the end of this in -depth analysis on how the bar slot machines work and online, and we can say, that in general, by now the two types of games are very resembled. Even in the traditional version, in fact, the world of the Internet has done termination and, thanks also to the excellent work of the various professionalvider software, the bar games are very attractive and with exceptional graphicsnull Of course, the online focuses on a much wider choice and unparalleled comfort.

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