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Online slot machines are one of the most popular casino games, not only in USA, but all over the world. If you are new in this world, you will be wondering how to play online slot machines and luckily you are in the right place. Our pros, or professionals in the sector and players who have a long experience in this sector They made this dedicated guide precisely novice users who would like to look out in this worldnull In the next paragraphs you will discover everything you need to know about the machines, how online slot machines work, how to find the best for your tastes and without risk, which types of devices you can find in online casinos and some modalities and characteristics to be known absolutelynull But better not to get lost in chatter and start our in -depth guide.

What are online slot machines

Before starting to find out how online slots work, let’s try to understand what they are. In the online version, these are games where there are three to five rollers that you have to make turning by virtually inserting a token or in any case by placing an episode. Based on the symbols that appear on the rollers at the end of their shift, the winnings established by the table of the paylinesnull The latter, however, change based on each slot and therefore you will have to look for them and know them before playing, so you know which are the best combinations that can come out. It may seem complicated you, but in reality it is much simpler than you think.

Types of slot machines

Until a few years ago there were very few types of slots and the most frequent were the classic ones, also defined by bars, which had three rollers and among the symbols there were French cards. Nowadays, however, slot machines have also had a significant evolution and You can find really many types, each different from the others.

There are still many classic models with three slots, which are perhaps the most suitable for people who do not have a particular aptitude for the world of technology. Among these are also the Fruit Machine, or the slots that as symbols have the various fruits Like the melon, lemon, plum, orange and so on.

Then there are those innovative, which have five or even more rollers, many payment lines and a quality truly exceptional audiovisualnull These then present several bonus games and particular animations.

Another important type of slot is represented by those with jackpot. That is, it is a series of slot machines connected to each other through the Internet. A small part of the sums played end up in a general prize poolnull This means that the jackpot can reach very high figures like dozens or even hundreds of thousands of euros.

Functions and methods of an online slot machine

At this point we are talking of the functions and methods that you can find in the various devicesnull If you want to know how to play online slot machines, you absolutely must know them. Here are the main ones:

  • Risk or prawn function: It is an extra game that allows you to multiply your winnings. It is not present in all online slots but largely you will find it. Its mechanism is quite simple. Once a win is obtained, that is, when a winning combination appeared on the rollers, clicking on the appropriate button that you will find on the screen, precisely risk or prawns, a new screen will appear. In a nutshell using this mode, You will put your potential winning into play and you will fear a doublingnull Usually it is a question of choosing between the classic head or cross or red or black paper. If you guess the prediction, your win will double and you can also put it at stake again. In the event that, however, your choice is wrong, you will lose the potential winnings obtained.
  • Auto Spin: This function will allow you to establish an episode and the number of laps you want to make the rollers independently. You will have two particular advantages: The first is that the rollers will turn faster than usual and the second is that you will not have to click on the spin button to turn the virtual lever, but the slot will do everything independently. However, remember that when you activate this mode you will not be able to use the risk mode. You can stop this mode when you think it appropriate without any problem.
  • Re-Spin: Thanks to this function you can turn the rollers again without having to use your money.
  • Free spin: it is Free turns That the slot gives you because particular symbols have appeared. It means that you can turn the rollers for a pre -established number of times without using your money.
  • Turns with multipliers: When you activate this function, often in combination with the free laps, the winnings will be increased according to the available multiplier.

And symbols

Another important element to know when trying to understand how online slot machines work concerns symbols. We will not tell you about the various symbols that you can find specifically because each slot has different. In horror -themed games, for example, you may find various monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein or Mannari wolves. In the theme games the ancient Egypt, there are pharaohs, sphinxes and pyramids. Nonetheless, however, there are two particular groups of symbols that you need to know And that you have to identify in the slots before starting to play: the Wild and the Scatter ones.

Wild: this symbol plays the role of Jolly, or can be replaced by any other symbol present in the slot, with the obvious advantage of allowing you more frequent and higher winnings. In fact, these can also cover the function of multiplier and therefore, when they appear on the screen, it is really a good sign.

Scatter: This category of symbols, on the other hand, allows to unlock bonus functions in the game, such as free spins in the subsequent laps.

Some tips on how to play online slot machines

The slots, as mentioned, are one of the most popular games you can find in online casinos. Their fame is due above all to the fact that there is no need for any ability in particular or strategy. It is based exclusively on luck and therefore everyone can play, both those who have a certain experience and the new playersnull Obviously, following some tips you will avoid large losses and you could also increase the winnings.

Choose legal slots

First of all you have to avoid playing on devices that could potentially be made up and therefore created specifically to make you lose. To do this, just choose the slot machines present on authorized platforms by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, which has replaced AAMS for some years. This is, in fact, the only body in USA that can manage the game at a distance. Thanks to this license, in fact, You will be sure that the games are legal and that the platform respects all the criteria, which have an RTP and an RNG regularnull If you don’t know what I am, you don’t have to worry, because we thought about this too.

With the acronym RTP we mean the Return to Player, or the return to the player. It indicates the percentage of money that returns to the prize pool and the one that ends the dealer instead. Obviously, the higher this value, the greater money is present in the prize pool and therefore the more possibilities there are to win.

Con RNG, Instead, the Random Number Generator is indicated, i.e. the generator of random numbers. This system is managed by an algorithm that ensures that all the combinations are absolutely random and that no one, both the dealer and third parties, can interfere to get winnings or to make you lose.

When a site is authorized by the AMD, it means that both the RTP and the RNG are perfectly in the norm and therefore absolutely reliable and safe for the players.

Control volatility

Another important aspect you need to consider, it concerns the value of volatility, which can be high, medium or lownull When a slot has a high volatility value it means that the winnings do not take place very often, but when they do it they have an important amount. If volatility is low, the winnings will be more frequent but with low value. Obviously average volatility is a meeting point between the low and the upper one.

Play in demo mode

Another useful advice, especially useful for new players who do not know how to play online slot machines, is to test the slots first in demo mode. You will find this possibility in many online casino, and you can play with a virtual account and therefore without real money. It will first be used to acquire experience both in that particular slot and in the world of machines in generalnull In addition, you will know how the platform works and, finally, you will understand if you really like that slot or if it is better to choose another of the hundreds of other devices available in online gaming halls.

Do not believe those who offer tricks or advice

If you have understood the online slots as functional, You will know that there is no way to win with certainty at online slot machines And not even to know when a slot is hot and therefore it is about to give many winning combinations. Precisely for this reason, don’t buy phantom guides or tricks to win at slots, because they will only be useful to remove money. The slots are based on the case, or on luck, and for these there is no guide or secrets or strategy that can control them.

Manage the budget

Then remember to have careful management of your Bankroll and establish the maximum sum you can spend without going further. Many players, in fact, to try to recover the losses found, decide to continue pointing, worsening their situation even morenull When you play online slot you have to know at the start that you could also have losses and accept this possibility, as well as in any other casino game, both traditional and online. Then establish the maximum sum you can spend and once you reach, close everything and don’t think about it.


What does it mean when a slot is hot and how do I know?

This expression means the moment when a slot machine has made numerous laps without giving winnings and therefore at any moment it could start offering lucky combinations. In fact, given that the rollers are managed by a random number generator, This is more than anything else a legend and, in any case, you can never know when a slot is about to give a winning combination.

Can I play mobile?

Of course. By now the provider software sector, or those who create and distribute the online slots, has made giant steps And nowadays it is possible to play both from smartphones or tablets. You can download a special application of the online casino, or aim directly from the browser of your device.

Are there tricks or secrets to win at slots?

No, there is no secret or makeup to win with certainty to the slots. It just takes so much luck and therefore not believe those who want to sell you books or magic guides to win at slots. You just have to understand how online slots work and hope for the best combination.

What are the best slots?

There are so many types of slots with particular themes and settings, different game modes and other important features, that nobody can ever tell you which is the best slot in circulation. This also depends on the fact that it is mostly personal taste. The only thing we can tell you is to choose only slots in casino authorized by ADM or AAMS, so as to be sure they are safe and reliable.

Are there bonuses to play slot machines?

Absolutely yes. Each online casino offers bonuses, both welcome and for users already registered, and have free spins reserved for slot machinesnull In this case, however, we always recommend that you also take a look at the terms and conditions page, so as to avoid unpleasant soprese later, such as too high bet or particular restrictions.


We have reached the end of this guide e We believe we have given you all the most important information on how to play slot machinesnull We have seen the various types, some frequently asked questions with attached answers, small loves useful advice for new players and much more. THE Noth these surt professionalfection. They decided to create this guide to allow you to approach this popular game with the utmost awareness and without risking losing money unnecessarily.

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