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One of the typical questions that online slot machine players ask is like understanding when a slot machine is about to pay. It is everyone’s dream to be able to know before the others when a slot machine is about to show the various winning combinationsnull But is it really possible to be able to have this kind of information? Is there any safe method? And what are the most used techniques?

In this guide we will try to give you all the answers to these questions. We will see what are the most used techniques and risks. But first, we must focus on some aspects that you absolutely must know about slot machine online and traditional to be able to approach the speech.

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What does it mean that a slot is about to pay?

If you are not particularly expert in this sector and you don’t know what it means that a slot is to pay, you don’t have to worry because we are helping you. A slot is about to pay when it has grossed a lot of money, restoring a few backnull Consequently, it is expected, or at least this is what the players who follow this theory is thinking, which shortly should pay and then give some important combination.

Hot or cold slot: what does it mean?

The first aspect to which you need to pay attention is the one concerning two terms that you will hear about quite frequently: or hot slot or cold slotnull But what does it mean? When a slot defines itself hot, it is because it is considered full of money and ready to paynull On the contrary, however, the cold slots are those in which there has been an important win from a few laps and therefore there will hardly be another in a short time. It is easy to guess, therefore, that the hot slots are those sought by the players.

Traditional slot, online, progressive jackpot and VLT

Another important distinction that you will absolutely have to know concerns the various types of slot machines to which you can play.

slot traditional: are the real ones that you can find in traditional betting rooms located throughout the national territory. For some years these machines must be compulsorily connected to the internet so as to allow the entries in charge (in this case the Soii) to check that all wires in the right direction.

slot online: they have the same mechanism as traditional slot machines but, obviously they are online and you can aim in all Authorized online casino by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. Only the game most used by Americans.

Jackpot progressive: They are online slot machines connected to each other via the internet and provide that a small part of the money played end up in a general prize pool. And this, very often, also becomes high.

VLT: This type of game is the most innovative version of traditional slot machines. They are both online and terrestrial and have different particularities. One of these, is that before starting to aim, you can choose the game you prefer among the various present.

RTP, RNG and volatility

Here we are at another point to which you must definitely pay a certain attention. Also because they are three concepts that you must absolutely know sespecially if you want to find out when a slot machine is about to pay.

RTP: with this acronym we mean the Return to Player, or the percentage of money played that returns to the prize pool of the slot machine and, therefore, in potential winnings and the one that ends the dealer instead. Just to be clear, if you had to play a slot machine that has an RTP of 96%, it means that out of 100 euros play 96 they will be among the potential winnings and only 4 euros will end up at the dealer. Be careful, however, because with this we don’t want to say that if you play 100 euros you will necessarily have to go back 96null It is only meant that the slot, sooner or later, will have to return 96% of the money played, but can do it during the day or in a given period of time. Obviously the greater the value of the Return to Player, the better the slot machine can be considered. Usually the average of online slot machines is between 94 and 96% Although there are games that reach 98%, such as Blood Suckers.

RNG: The random number regulators is an algorithm created for slot machines, both online and traditional to guarantee the player the absolute randomness of the combinations on the rollers. This is one of the main reasons why it is always necessary to choose online casino or terrestrial rooms authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agencynull In these cases, in fact, the RNG is controlled and certified. This also guarantees you that no one can ever interfere with its actual functioning to get winnings or to make you lose about it.

Volatility: if you are looking for a system on how to understand when a slot machine is about to pay then you have to know this concept. The term volatility means the frequency of the winning combinations and the value of the prizes. There are three parameters: high, medium or lownull When it comes to high volatility, we mean that the online slot machine does not offer frequent winning combinations, but when the prizes do it are really interesting. On the contrary, however, when volatility is low, it means that there is a lot of action and therefore many winning combinations even if the prizes are decidedly low. Obviously the average is a sort of middle ground between one and the other.

How to understand when a slot machine is about to pay in terrestrial rooms

Now we can say that you know everything about the concepts and information concerning the world of slot machines. This means that we can go on trying to answer our initial question, or how to understand when a slot machine is about to paynull In the next paragraphs we will see all the most popular systems that you can also find on the web, we will analyze them and above all we will tell you if they are really useful, what the lies and above all the risks that are hidden behind these strategies or tricks are. At the end of this guide, you will understand if there is really a system to understand when a slot is about to pay or you are about myths and legends.

The vultures

This is certainly the most common system you will find around. And is based on a basic concept or that sooner or later the slot machines will have to pay and If someone plays a lot without winning, it means that the moment of the jackpot is much closernull From this assumption then the figure of the advential was born.

It is that person who wanders for the slot rooms looking for some machinery on which another player is already aiming. At this point he is on purpose the player and tries to understand how his game is going, that is, if he is losing or winning and if the slot is paying. Obviously his hope is that the player sitting at the slot loses as much as possible and that he raises himself defeating itnull At this point he intervenes and takes stock of him, convinced that that is the right time to act.

But is it a valid system? In reality there is no scientific foundation or no particular reasoning. It is based only on two data: the first is that the slot by virtue of the Art must pay from time to time. The second data is purely statistical: that is, that the slot must give some combination of sooner or later and considering that until then it has not done so, it means that the right time is close.

If you think about it, however, it is also the same reasoning that the player was initially sitting at the slot. By virtue of the fact that sooner or later the slot he would pay, he continued to invest money waiting for the winning combination, ending up spending all the money he had. Consequently, why should the situation change for the new player? professionalbably this reasoning will sometimes have been successful, but it was simple luck. Also because, as we have seen before, these games are regulated by a random generator (RNG) which guarantees absolute randomness.

Then there are other considerations to be made on this alleged system. First of all, the fame of the vultures is not so high in the online slot rooms. The players sitting with slots, in fact, are very jealous of their location will hardly leave it easily, in addition to the fact that they want to avoid prying eyes while playing. That’s why in any casino in the world, both in USA and a Las Vegas, you will see players sitting for entire hours at a slot and that get a drink or snack directly to the game station. Furthermore, You have to have a lot of free time because it is not said nor that someone plays so much to make the slot hot, nor that perhaps on the last lap gives a winning combination that will send all the plans of the agentio to the air.

Finally, it is right to repeat, that there is practically nothing sure in this method which, on the contrary, has really many flaws in the system and therefore is really not recommended.

Hear the noise of the tokens

Another typical system used by players, especially those who have a few years more and are used to classic and mechanical machines, It is to hear the noise of money or the token how it falls inside the slot machine.

In practice, to focus in some games it is necessary to insert only tokens or coins. This means that these are then collected in a throwing and that, of course, your tokens will fall on other tokens. Players who try to understand when a slot machine is about to pay, try to listen to the noise caused by this fallnull If they hear a deaf noise means that the slot is almost empty and therefore cold, that is, that there has been a win for relatively recently. Consequently, it is not convenient to play. On the contrary, instead if the noise is metallic it means that there are many other tokens and therefore that the slot could be warm. This means that it could agree.

Is it a valid system? Technically we can say that there is something sensible, but there are some factors to consider. The most important is that now all slots accept payments even with banknotes and some even with credit card, then the system collapses a priorinull But let’s assume that you can find a slot that only includes payment in coins. You should hope that there is absolute silence in the room and that therefore it can hear the noise. But there is something else. Let’s assume that a metal noise really feels, how do you understand if it is only a few coin at the base or if it is really full? In short, it seems precisely a bizarre method which, finally, then considers the randomness of the winning combinations.

The myth of the password

Always talking about real machines, there is a myth that concerns the password to return to the slot system and find out how much money they have and their current level of RTP. But how does this method work to understand if a slot machine is about to pay? In a nutshell, the companies that install slot machines in the rooms, which as we have said previously are all connected to the Internet, have their own control platform. In practice they see if there is any any malfunction and also how much it has grossed and paid for a slot machinenull This is one of the reasons why employees of these companies cannot play by law at a slot.

At this point, according to this system, an employee of a company that installs the machines comes into play, who sells this password to a person for several thousand eurosnull As a result, they know when a slot is full of money, and therefore hot and therefore statistically there are many possibilities that can give some important combination. The well -known television broadcast has also dealt with a similar case in recent years “Hyenas”.

Actually this system is perhaps the one that most seems to work, if it were not that it is absolutely illegal and dangerousnull These are the state scam, given that the slot machines operate under the control of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, an entity that is part of the Ministry of Finance. In addition, you should spend thousands of euros for an illegal system that could cause serious damage to your personal life and your future. Without considering that, given the randomness of the combinations, it is common of a mechanism that presents series series.

Online: how to understand when a slot is about to pay

We have seen that the systems to understand when a terrestrial slot is about to pay are all rich in flaws and really uncertain. However, we try to understand if it is possible to understand if an online slot machine is about to pay. In this case, however, we will be decidedly quick and concise, since the answer is: no, there is no method to understand itnull But if it was not possible to know when talking about traditional slots where it was possible to see players who pointed before you, imagine if it is possible to understand it for an online slot. In addition, we repeat, everything is regulated by RNG which generates every combination in an absolutely random way. This, of course, always as long as they play in slot machines that are authorized by the AMD and therefore fully legal.

However, around you will always find some site or some person who promises a safe method to win at online slot machinesnull Don’t trust any reason because they are always scams and they just want to take away a few hundred euros. That then, we try to be honest, but imagine that someone really knows a method to win online slots. But do you think it would ever tell you and who knows how many other people with the risk that dealers realize that foul in the system?

The other eventuality, on the other hand, is to choose sites in which slot machines are made up and this is obviously a huge risk.

How to always win at slot machines

As you have understood there is no system to win at slot machines, nor to understand when a slot is about to pay. However, there are some small tips that will surely help you in your game session.

First of all, if you don’t want to lose money, play only with the slots in demo mode or look for some welcome bonuses that gives Free spinnull In this way you are sure not to lose money and you can still have fun without stress.

The other system is to choose slot with a high RTP value and the right volatility. For example, if you like the slots where there is a lot of action and therefore it is easy to get some winning combination, then it will be better to choose low volatility. If, on the other hand, you like to aspire to sensational winnings, you should choose those with high volatility slots.

Finally, he remembers playing only and exclusively in online casino authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agencynull In this way you will be safe from any rigged scams or games and above all your game possibilities will be safeguarded. And he always plays responsible.


We arrived at the end of this long guide on how to understand when a slot is about to pay. We tried to call into question all the most frequent systems that are talked about online, But the reality is that none of these can be considered reliableAnd. So do not believe those who propose extraordinary methods and if you want to play, do it only for the taste of pure fun and not to make it become a job.

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