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Every time a player approaches the world of Casino online, and in particular to that of the slot machines, we always ask what is the mechanism behind these games and above all how they work. In this guide, therefore, We thought of helping all the curious to make them understand how online slot machines pay them, what are the mechanisms that allow the slots to work and also some useful advice.

But let’s see immediately below the casinos where you can play the best online slot machines:

Four elements to know to understand how slot machines pay

To talk about how slot machines pay we have to understand that these games work quite simplelynull There are rollers on which there are symbols and that are made to turn after placing the episode or inserted the virtual token, in the case of virtual games. At that point, then, it must be hoped that the best symbols appear on the rollers and that these are inserted in a payment linenull By payment we mean an imaginary line which indicates where symbols must be positioned to give a winning combination.

Just to give an example, it is possible that three symbols are winning if they find themselves precisely side by side and may not be perfect if one of the three not on the same line.

In addition to the payment lines of the slot machines, then, there are three other factors to be kept in mind, and they are the RTP, volatility and RNG. These three elements, which we will soon see in detail, will also help us answer some questions that we usually ask ourselves.


It is the acronym for Return to player, or back to the playernull As you can imagine, in fact, the slot machines pay their winnings through the money that were previously played. So if you were wondering with what money they pay, Know that they are those of the players who have decided to focus on that slot before younull And, of course, this also applies to online devices. By RTP, therefore, we mean the percentage of played drained that returns to the prize pool and therefore in the potential availability of the players, in the form of a win. For players it is naturally better that this percentage is as higher as possible.

For example, to make you understand how the slot machines pay, in a game in which there is the RTP of 95% means that out of 100 euros played, 95 will return to the prize pool and only 5 will end up in the concessionaire coffers. Attention to a fundamental point that too often creates problems in less experienced playersnull Playing an online slot machine that has 95% of RTP does not mean that every time you points it will return 95% back to you what you have played. It only indicates that sooner or later 95% of what has been aimed will return to the players, But it could do it in the form of many small winnings, or in one and only win. For this last aspect, then, it may be important to read the paragraph dedicated to volatility well.


With this acronym, on the other hand, the Random Number Generator is indicated. professionalbably sooner or later you will have wondered who S is that establishes the combinations in an online slot machine. Here, this is the answer to your question. You must know, in fact, that it is a fundamental algorithm because it ensures players that the combinations are always randomnull So, nobody can prevent the slot from making you win twice in a row, for example.

Of course, to check if an online casino has a safe RNG you don’t have many systems except to make sure the site on which you are playing is authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agencynull The latter, in fact, is the body that is part of the Ministry of Finance Which has the task of releasing licenses to the various dealers and, above all, make sure that everything works in the right way. A site that cannot ensure the functionality of its algorithm will never obtain a license.

This is certainly one of the most important points to understand how online slot machines pay. You must know, then, that this mechanism also applies to land games. By now there are no more mechanical slots and, therefore, even in this case everything is generated online and therefore there is also an RNG there.

To find out how the slot machines pay you must know what volatility is

Another aspect that many do not even know and serve to understand how slot machines pay is the volatility of an online slot machine, but also terrestrial. In practice, each game has a volatility parameter that indicates the frequency of the winning combinations and, above all, the amount of the winningsnull The mechanism is quite simple, the more frequent the minor winnings are the amount of the same. On the contrary, however, if there are not many winnings, you can also wait for a combination that brings a great prize to appear at any moment.

There are three parameters in general:

  • Low Volatility: indicates that that slot you are playing on is used to get many winning combinations even if the prize is small. It is also said that there is a lot of action. It is certainly the favorite device by players who don’t want to wait long before a winning combination.
  • Alta Volatility: unlike the previous one, it indicates that the winning combinations will be much rarer but this, at the same time, It also means that the prizes that will come out “risk” that they are really highnull This type of games, on the other hand, is the one who prefer players who are not afraid to wait several hands before getting a win because they hope that the best combinations of all will come out.
  • Media Volatility: This parameter, on the other hand, is obviously a middle ground compared to the other two.

Finally, to close this speech, it is also necessary that you know that there may be intermediate values, For example, medium-low or medium-high volatility.

Online slot machines: what are the main ones

The world of online casino, now, is increasingly rich in slot machines that pay, and there are really many and each of them has some particularitiesnull Of course in this article we want to talk to you about how the slots pay, but it is essential that you understand Some important differencesnull Here, therefore, what are the types of main slots to know.

  • Classic slots: They mainly have three rollers and three lines. Their operation is really very simple and there is no need to know particular rules and there are few payment lines.
  • Slot to five rollers: These are certainly the most common model. They have five rollers and three lines, as well as having special symbols and bonus games. You will find them in all online casinos and there are the most disparate themes, for example, those related to the world of ancient Egyptians, to the world of pre -Columbian civilizations or inspired by films and TV series. In this case, the number of payment lines also varies according to the choice of software provider.
  • Megaways: These are certainly the latest generation slots for a series of reasons, including particular animations. Its main peculiarity is the fact that there are at least six rollers and different lines. This implies that there are also thousands of possible payment lines.

How do the slots pay: is it possible to understand the right time?

This point also certainly deserves a certain attention because users often let themselves be combined with scammers. There is no way to understand when it is about to pay a slot machine, therefore do not believe those who propose absurd systems and methods, or want to sell you the right strategy with gold weight. You can never succeed because, as seen, there is an RNG that guarantees the absolute randomness of each combination.

It is important, however, to understand how they pay the slot machine, so as to know the system of a game and if you prefer it compared to another.

The case of the jackpot

So far we have seen almost everything that was important to know to understand how the slots pay. Having said that, however, there are some peculiarities, including for example we find the jackpots. With this name we mean a prize pool, sometimes very high, which can be won by a player in an absolutely random way.

For example, the jackpots that you often find in the games of Playtech, are won in a totally fortuitous way. It doesn’t matter that your ride is losing or that you got a small win. It only has to have a pinch of luck and hope to be the lucky one.

Risk or prawn

Another feature of the slot machines we have to talk about to understand how pagan concerns the function often Call risk or prawnnull In practice, some games may give you the opportunity to wal your win and aim to double it several times. Usually, it takes place through the launch of the mountain or guess if a covered paper is red or black.

It must be said, however, that this mode is not so frequent so you may have some difficulties in finding it.


We arrived at the end of our speech on how they pay the slot machine online, we believe we have told you everything, since we have gone from some fundamental factors that you absolutely must know until See the characteristics of the main types of online slot machinesnull Now you can choose the games with greater awareness and hope to get an important win. Remember, however, that it is always a game and that there will never be nobody to guarantee you a win, so it is responsible in a responsible way.

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