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In this article we will focus on the history of the San Pellegrino casino. We are talking about one of the most important and historic gaming halls in USA, even if in reality for several years it has been no longer activenull The wonderful structure built in Liberty style is located in the municipality of San Pellegrino Terme, in the province of Bergamo (Lombardy)null In the next paragraphs, discover everything there is to know about the history of the casino si San Pellegrino, his future, the architecture and some curiosities about his account.

Casino San Pellegrino History

The history of the San Pellegrinino casino is inextricably linked to the spa of this small town which has just under 5 thousand inhabitants. Since the nineteenth century it has been a location that attracted tourists from all over the world for its thermal sourcesnull Just the influx of people, including many important characters, has given The idea of building a magnificent game room together with the Grand Hotelnull The goal was to offer the highest services and places of leisure to the thousands of people who arrived in the Bergamo city every year.

He was inaugurated on 20 July 1907 after a party that saw the presence of about 1500 peoplenull Even the Val Brembana railway had organized special trains to connect Milan to Bergamo, so that people who wanted to participate in the inauguration had a way to move. The name was though Grand Kursaal, then replaced a few years later with Grand Casino when USA took to the war alongside France.

Inside there was Each type of game, like Roulette, Blackjack, Chemin de Fer, Baccarat, Banco Punto and Poker.

His activity, however, lasted only ten years since following the publication of an ordinance by the Minister of the Interior who prohibited the gambling in USA.

In the following years, then, the game could resume only for clubs and associations. Thanks to this formula, however, Piano resumed the activities of the San Pellegrino casino, even if it seems in a fairly clandestine form. The players, in fact, were entered even if they were in no way in any way of the club, nor wanted to become it.

His business, however he could not last a long time, Since the San Pellegrino casino definitively closed its doors in 1946null In the following years there was no revaluation or reopening plan of the game room and therefore the structure ended up being practically abandoned.

Liberty -style architecture

The sumptuous building was drawn by the architect Romolo Squadrelli, who also followed the works. The external facade recalls that of Monte-Carlo, just as its creator wanted. The two side arcades are made in full liberty style while the entrance doors are in wood and decorated according to Art Nouveau.

Under the ceiling there are dozens of splendid frescoes inspired by the twelve signs of the zodiac And the huge crystal chandeliers stand out, four in total, which illuminate the central room. The windows are also made in Nouveau style and Obviously the colorful central butterfly stands out.

The future

At the moment the future of the structure is really uncertain. In recent years, especially following the closure of the champion casino, the proposal to reopen the casino with due authorizations and licenses of the ADM (ex AAMS). In this way, breathing would have been given to the entire area, especially from the economic points of view and workers. The idea is, however, left only on paper. In the end the structure continued to remain closed until it was acquired and used as a lobby of the nearby thermal centernull Inside, then there is a bar and a meeting room. It continues, however, to be at the center of various proposals, even if in reality there is nothing concrete at the moment.


If you have never been to San Pellegrino, but still remember the famous facade of the casino, Know that you will probably have seen it on the bottles of the homonymous and popular sparkling water drunk all over the worldnull The photo was taken in 1907, right on the day of the inauguration of the casino, although it was still adapted to become one of the symbols of the San Pellegrino water.

During its history, albeit short, Several famous people have set foot in the Grand Hotel and in the casino including many actors and artistsnull The latter, in addition to trying their luck with some episodes at the green table, also visited the structure to enjoy its shapes and magnificent windows.

As for its original name, then, It was chosen to call him Kursaal also because many tourists were foreigners and came from the Nordic regions of Europe.


Now you know everything about the history of the San Pellegrino casinonull We decided, Together with our experts, to dwell on this structure which, albeit in disuse at least as a casino, However, it represents a piece of American history nl world of gamenull Currently it is possible to visit it and also carry out guided tours so as to know in depth the splendid architecture of this structure and also other curiosities about it.

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