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The counting of the cards is one of the best known systems and used by the players of blackjack, even online. Around this method, however, there are always a series of inaccurate you, including for example, those in which it is said that it is not legal to count the cards in Blackjack. But is it really like that?

During this article we will talk to you in detail of all the most important characteristics of this system, the methods used by online and traditional casinos to prevent players from counting cards and more. As usual, then, this guide is made by our experts in the sector And professional players who have tested the count and therefore know how to move in this field.

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What is the counting of the cards?

Before starting, of course, let’s try to understand what we are talking about, that is, how the counting of the cards works. It is a system born to try not only to reduce the advantage of the counter, but even to create an advantage for the playernull In a nutshell, we try to calculate if there are more among the remaining cards in the deck with a high or low valuenull This, of course, is an important advantage that must certainly be taken into consideration. It will help you, in fact, In understanding if it is appropriate to aim more, since there are more possibilities to receive high cards, or less if the deck is unloaded at that moment.

To put this strategy into action, which includes various more or less complex systems, a value must be assigned to the cards divided into groups. Then, it will be the turn of count every time the counter distributes one.

Is it legal to count the cards in Blackjack?

We start from an important fact which, then, is at the center of our discussion and let’s give a definitive response: It is legal to count the cards in Blackjacknull On this point, therefore, there cannot be the slightest confusion or inaccuracy. Counting cards is a system to increase their absolutely legal possibilitiesnull Keep in mind, then, that unless they use electronic devices such as computer or paper sheets, it is an absolutely mental calculation. Obviously, the experts in the sector who often work for traditional casinos understand when a player focuses little at a time and then suddenly he focuses more.

The fact that this system is legal, however, it does not mean that it is well seen from traditional casinos and also from online onesnull If, for example, you know some of the Most important movies on Blackjack, you will know that often the managers of casino do not react very well when they find players who use this systemnull Of course, these are films and therefore reality is slightly fictionalized. In any case, however, a security officer, if he senses or only think that you are using the counting of the cards, You will not have problems in inviting you to abandon the room and no longer return us.

In fact, such situations happen very often and also to very important characters. One of the last known players, for example, was Ben Affleck, who despite being a very famous Hollywood star was kindly invited to stop playing in a casino in Las Vegas and go away.

Casino systems to avoid counting cards, since it is legal to count the cards in Blackjack

We therefore ascertained that it is legal to count the cards in Blackjacknull Of course it is not something from everyone, since the count It provides particular skills in mental calculation and a very trained memorynull Otherwise, in fact, not only will the system not work, but risks being even counterproductive. An incorrect calculation, in fact, will lead you to aim more than necessary with the strong risk of losing.

If instead you are a skilled player in counting the cards, know that casino have conceived a series of systems to make this practice much more difficult and therefore less usednull Let’s see some in detail.

More decks of cards

When playing with a single bunch of cards, putting into practice the counting of the cards was practically a kids game. Obviously, however, the casinos have reckoned this situation and started making things more difficult by increasing the number of decks used during a game. In some tables, for example, We also reach eight decks simultaneously and we are talking about over 400 cardsnull This means that you have to have a certain practicality in the count.

It is legal to count the cards in Blackjack, for this reason there is the mixed on each hand

The simplest system, then, to prevent the players from counting the cards in Blackjack, is to mix the cards in each hand. That’s why, for example, The count is absolutely impossible in the online version of the blackjack with software. However, not all traditional casinos can mix cards in each hand to avoid waste of time. So they do it only when you get to the black paper used by the dealer after crossing the deck.

Also in online games With live dealers, therefore, it would potentially be possible to use this system since not everyone uses an automatic mixer and therefore they have to do it by hand. The automatic mixer, in fact, is the typical solution adopted by the gaming houses, since it allows you to mix the cards quickly.

Mix after some hands

The other solution, instead of mixing in each hand, is to provide for the shuffle delle cards every four or five handsnull This, in fact, makes the counting of the cards almost useless since it cannot be used practically ever. Even if on the fifth lap, in fact, you have a fairly safe score to start applying this system, you should start from scratch from the next. So it would be really waste of time.

Software that realizes the count

The other system used by online casino In which, as mentioned, counting in games with live dealers is used. The dealers, however, have created software that analyzes the episodes and counts the cards. So, If you find that when the score is ideal from the point of view of the count, episodes are made, then the software will verify that you are using the count and will eliminate you from the tablenull Of course he will not be able to block your winnings, since it is legal to count the cards, but the site can also decide to block your account.

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