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In this article we will see some of the main casino winnings, became real legends for players from all over the worldnull Obviously, it is right to prevent that many of these stories are rich in details that have not sometimes been, but it is one of the “dangers” when the stories are handed down from Gambler in Gambler by traveling around the world. Obviously, however, despite the figures concerning the winnings are slightly different from what is told, However, we are talking about episodes that really happened and therefore deserve to be told.

As we will also tell you later, then, remember that there is no method to win with certainty to the online or terrestrial casino, and that only luck is needed. Of course, however, there are systems and strategy, such as those used in Blackjack, which can certainly helpnull But in any case, nobody can ever guarantee an insured win. We tell you this is because the biggest winnings at the mess we are about to talk about do not make you believe that there are valid systems to become millionaires thanks to the game. Therefore do not fall into the trap of those who offer you illegal methods (such as the Empty slot remote control) O Trucchi and Stratagems, because in reality it will only want to steal your money.

Below you can find an online casino list in which to play:

Casino winnings: the best five

Joseph Jagger: the man who broke through Monte Carlo

In this first paragraph we will talk about a real myth in the world of terrestrial casinos, of roulette and casino winnings: That is Joseph Jaggernull These, in fact, born in England in 1830 is also known for being the man who “broke the bank” of the Monte Carlo casino. Let’s see in detail what has actually happened.

Jagger’s name is inextricably linked to that of the Roulette game for a particular reason. Jagger, in fact, was an industrialist engaged in the septum sector. This knowledge of the machinery and gears made him an intuitionnull In practice, while he was intent on playing roulette, he ran to the fact that, being also a mechanical tool, He probably had imperfections and these could allow him to understand where the ball went to stop more frequently than othersnull Of course he could never have known the precise number, but certainly already being able to tighten the field from thirty -seven slots to a dozen, it meant having many more chances of victory, however, always obtaining the same prize.

Legend therefore wants that he decided to take people sent them to Montecarlo, a real point of reference regarding gambling in Europe. Their only purpose was to follow the trend of roulette for hours and hours. Jagger’s goal was to understand which wheel presented the main imperfections and what were the numbers that came out most frequentlynull Once this information was obtained, he found that his intuition of him was really right.

At that point he decided to ask for loans around friends and relatives to have the utmost capital available and left, together with the son to Monte Carlo. At that point he sat down at the game table and it is said that within one night he managed to win half a million Swiss francsnull Of course, before the casino realized the criticality and settled it, he returned in the following days.

Within a week it is estimated that he took over two million francs away And we are talking about 1880, so it is a truly high figure. Once all this money was won, he decided to return to him and never play again in a casino. The structure of Monte Carlo, in the meantime, realized the problem and solved it. The story went around the world and so all the casinos controlled their wheels to prevent someone from imitating Jagger’s strategy.

Of course we advise you not to try both because in the terrestrial casinos everything is controlled in every detail, and because in the online casino Obviously there is no imperfection.

Why is the man who broke the casino bank broke? You have to know that every roulette table works like a bank and is autonomous, that is, it pays the winnings with the money it collects and when it has no more money is forced to close. Jagges forced all the casino roulette tables to close the doors and that is why it is said that “the casino bank broke”.

Charles Wells: Another record winnings at Roulette

The other great player who managed to break the Banca del Casino di Monte Carlo, always at the game of Roulette, is Charles Wellsnull professionalbably he too, just like Jagger, played at a defective wheel only that he was unaware of it, But he still ended up winning a lot of moneynull We are in 1891 and therefore just a few years after Jagger had struggled Monte Carlo, when Wells sits at the game table and starts making small episodes on his favorite numbers of him. Among these there was also number 2. Wells, he focused first time on 2, who fortunately came out. He therefore decided to leave episodes win on that number that surprisingly, he came out again.

The story wants the number 2 to leave five consecutive times and that during these laps Wells had always focused everything he had on that number. The figure he managed to take away at the moment is not known, but it is certain that the table on which he was playing had to close his doors because he had finished the money.

Kerry Packer: the tycoon who sent two casinos to bankruptcy

Another player, this time of recent times, well known to all the professionals of the world of Gambling is Kerry Packernull If you don’t know it, you can read more about him in our in -depth analysis that you find who.

Packer, he is an Australian tycoon, who died in December 2005. According to some estimates, his personal heritage was around 6 billion Australian dollars (just over 4 billion American dollars). His great passion, in addition to the game of the pole, was the casinos and the gambling.

During his life he obtained great losses but also sumptuous winnings, so high as to force the casinos in which he played to definitively close his doors and declare bankruptcy. Among the most important losses of him there is, for example, the one at the Ritz of London where in a night of the game at blackjack, lost about 10 million pounds.

Among the golden moments, however, at least three are remembered. The first is the one at the “New Mexico” casino in Las Vegas in 1988. In fact, in the one evening, 15 million American dollars won in Baccaratnull The casino in which he played, however, did not pass it very well and since she could not pay the credit, had to declare bankruptcy.

Same sad fate also for the Aspinalls casino, always in the city of American lights and casinos. Here there is a few days more, but in a week package won 15 millionnull Aspinalls could not pay the figure entirely and therefore he declared failure.

But the biggest win at the Casino di Packer came to MGM Grand Vegas Where, playing Blackjack, he even won 33 million American dollars. Fortunately, MGM had better finances than the two previous casinos and therefore paid the winnings entirely. To protect himself, however, he imposed a maximum limit to the episodes.

Among the various winnings at the Casino that of Peter, the lucky anonymous Norwegian

Three casino winnings certainly stands out The online slot machine player, Peternull Him name is imagination since he wanted to remain anonymous, in order to prevent anyone who knew that he had won almost 12 million euros. You have read just well, we are talking about 12 million euros won during a match at slot machine online.

The Norwegian Peter, in fact, was intent on an online game session on Betsson casino and precisely to the slot machine created by NetEnt, Mega Fortunenull And we can say that it was really mega luck, Since they almost notice it, suddenly the screen went haywirenull Peter, in fact, had just won the highest jackpot of around 11.7 million euros.

It was so incredulous of what was happening that he put himself on the phone and called Casino Customer Service. At that point he asked if he account for him was all in order. The operator initially had not noticed that in the balance there was all that money, but once everything was clear, he could only confirm Peter’s actual win.

A truly high figure that is back by law Among the largest winnings at the online casino of all time.

Ashley Revell and his mysterious casino win

This is certainly not among the winning casino winnings in general, although we still talk about about 175 thousand English poundsnull Its peculiarity, however, is that it is certainly among the most mysterious and we immediately explain why.

The story, or rather the legend, wants Revell, an English citizen who lived in London, decides to give up everything. Withdraws all the money he has in the bank and sells the house thus managing to raise 175 thousand pounds in allnull At that point he embarks on the first plane he finds and leaves for the city of casino: Las Vegas.

Once arrived, he enters the Plaza and sits at the table of the roulette. Change all the money he has in Fiches and focuses them all together on the red colornull Obviously incredible the Croupier and the other players at the table who witness that hand with the suspended breath.

The ball stops on the red color and then Revell win the equivalent of the episode. He thus resumes the 350 thousand pounds and starts the cashier to change them. Then he leaves the casino and loses his tracks. No more nothing was known about him.

A truly compelling story that we advise you not to take literallynull Revell, in fact, was very lucky but also a crazy pinchnull If a number of another color had come out, in fact, he would have practically lost everything, including the house.


Here at the end of our in -depth analysis on what the winning casino winnings were. As mentioned also at the beginning of the article, it is right that you know that some of these figures could be slightly different from reality, but we are still talking about episodes that really happened.

Of course the basis of these victories, in addition to some intuition, as in the case of Jagger, There is certainly a lot of luck. And that’s why we always recommend to our readers not to focus everything they have in online casinos. Better to always play with responsibility and awareness, so as to avoid situation that risk becoming unpleasant and criticism. Always focuses to have fun, read ours Guides on games And make some episodes in demo mode so as to understand how this world works.

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